July 14th, 2008

storyteller doll

Glad to Be Home

I got home at 12:50 a.m.. Since my flight was scheduled to leave Boston at 6 p.m., this might qualify as a significant delay. I was, however, grateful. All the airports in the D.C. area were closed due to weather. Of the four USAirways flights from BOS to DCA, mine was the only one that made it at all. The people who got really screwed were the ones on the 5 o'clock. They boarded at about 7:15, and sat out on the tarmac for 2 hours before returning to the terminal and being told they needed to rebook for tomorrow morning.

I managed to get the last metro trains home, too.

Details of the weekend will follow later today. (I would have said tomorrow, but it already is tomorrow.)