July 11th, 2008

storyteller doll

More on Frequent Flyer Miles

I just called South African Air and it looks like I have, indeed, fixed my tickets. But the whole thing was far more stressful than it needed to be.

I made a comment about feeling the need to use up my miles while I still can. Thinking about it, I am forced to admit I have certainly had a good run with them. I've taken trips to Australia (United), Italy (United, I think), Bermuda (U.S. Air - in first class), India (British Air via U.S. Air miles), Mexico (Alaska Air), Mauritius (from South Africa on South African Air via American miles), Malta (United / Lufthansa), Papua New Guinea (Qantas, via American miles), Vietnam (United / Thai Air / Singapore Air - business class), Italy / Bulgaria (Lufthansa / Austrian via United, with my own air and train arrangements to Greece in between), Japan (United - business class), Ghana (British Air business class via Alaska Air miles), Poland (LOT - 2 business class tickets via United), Belgium (United - business class), Chile (American, though I had to pay for internal tickets on LAN Chile) and Newfoundland (Air Canada via United).

There were also a few domestic trips that were taken either because miles would have expired or because it was last minute and a fee for last minute award travel still costs less than a tenth what paying for the ticket would. There were also a few free trips to Las Vegas on Southwest, but I no longer live somewhere that makes Southwest anything near convenient.

Not to mention that I have two trips booked and enough miles for a few more.

So, even if I never got to use them again (which I don't really believe), I really can't complain too much.