May 27th, 2008

storyteller doll

Michel Cluizel Plantation "Conception"

Continuing my exploration of single plantation chocolates, today's tasting is Michel Cluizel's dark (66% cacao) Venezuelan offering from Plantation Conception. At $5.99 for 100 grams, it's in the normal price range for this sort of stuff. The chocolate is smooth and rich, with just a hint of vanilla in the flavor.

I am not convinced that I really have the palate for these fine chocolate distinctions, but it's fun to try. At any rate, this is one I would buy again as it has good chocolate flavor without odd additions.

An Event I'm Unsure About

To coincide with the National Spelling Bee, ESPN Zone in D.C. is having a sports spelling bee tomorrow evening.

I'm not sure how well I'd do at that. Sure, I know Y-A-S-T-R-Z-E-M-S-K-I, but they will almost certainly have names of people who played lesser sports for lesser teams.

I'm also not entirely sure why I'm putting myself through the torture of driving to (and back from) Camden Yards Saturday night.