May 8th, 2008

storyteller doll

Political Quote of the Day

I don't often agree with George Will, but his editorial in today's Washington Post reminded me of another reason to support Obama over Clinton. Namely, Hillary being a fan of the Source of All Evil in the Universe. The piece was titled "Yankee Fan Go Home" (which is why I read it) and included the following:

"After Tuesday's split decisions in Indiana and North Carolina, Clinton, the Yankee Clipperette, can, and hence eventually will, creatively argue that she is really ahead of Barack Obama, or at any rate she is sort of tied, mathematically or morally or something, in popular votes, or delegates, or some combination of the two, as determined by Fermat's Last Theorem, or something, in states whose names begin with vowels, or maybe consonants, or perhaps some mixture of the two as determined by listening to a recording of the Beach Boys' "Help Me, Rhonda" played backward, or whatever other formula is most helpful to her, and counting the votes she received in Michigan, where hers was the only contending name on the ballot (her chief rivals, quaintly obeying their party's rules, boycotted the state, which had violated the party's rules for scheduling primaries), and counting the votes she received in Florida, which, like Michigan, was a scofflaw and where no one campaigned, and dividing Obama's delegate advantage in caucus states by pi multiplied by the square root of Yankee Stadium's Zip code."

Fortunately, I had already finished drinking my tea or I'd have snorfed it all over my keyboard.