February 3rd, 2008

storyteller doll

Not Getting Things Done

Not that you care, but about all I accomplished today was finding what I did with the film photos (and the CD) from the Labrador trip. Which has been one of the barriers to writing about it, so that is something, but I had actually intended to do something other than nap and read today.

Maybe I'll attempt some filing.
storyteller doll

A Bit Better

At least I managed to update my planner, throw out a bunch of junk mail (mostly travel brochures - some tempting stuff from MIT Alumni Travel but way too expensive, since I could do stuff in any of those destinations at less than a quarter of the price), and throw out expired coupons. There's still a lot of stuff to do, but I feel better to have made a start.

The only thing I really want to do before I go to bed is finish the book I'm reading. Which is A Computer Called LEO by Georgina Ferry. It's a pretty interesting account of the Lyons teashop folks and their role in the development of the first computer used specifically for clerical operations. I think Robert gave this to me a few years ago and it finally filtered up to the top of the unread stack.