January 28th, 2008

storyteller doll

Mo in the Morning

Check out Big Fat Deal for Mo's TV appearance on fat acceptance. Also, featuring Rachel of The F-word. I think they both did a fine job of getting the fat acceptance message across, talking about Health at Any Size. One thing I noticed in the clip is that the doctor on the program said it wasn't just a simple matter of height and weight, but then used a BMI standard of 30 for health. And BMI is just a combination of height and weight.

My view on the subject hasn't changed much over the years, by the way. Fat is not a behavior. Concentrate on eating healthily and getting enough exercise (and, increasingly, we're realizing the importance of getting enough sleep), which are the things within your control. But don't make yourself crazy over any of it. If you really want an ice cream cone, all the lettuce in the world won't satisfy you. Whether I choose to have a cup of hot chocolate or a cup of herbal tea is not a moral issue.