January 4th, 2008

storyteller doll

Bula Bula

Just a quick note (from an internet cafe) that I made it safely to Nadi (via Los Angeles, where I visited with a friend, went to the Autry Museum, and went to Santa Monica to hang out on the pier).

Nadi is hot and humid, but not horribly chaotic. My main accomplishment of the day was buying a sula (sarong) to wear in the village where I'll be staying on the expedition. Actually, taking a public bus to downtown Nadi to shop may have been the bigger accomplishment! No internet access in the village, so nothing here for a couple of weeks unless I manage to update tomorrow. (I just almost wrote "yesterday" instead of "tomorrow" so I am clearly jet-lagged!)

Okay, off to the supermarket to stock up on snacky stuff and bottle water.