December 23rd, 2007

storyteller doll

Cute joke

I'm still going through my books to find ones to get rid of, which means rereading a lot of them. The following is out of an anthology of college humor and dates to late 19th century Yale:

Johnny: Funny, you never hear about labor unions south of the equator.

Charlie: Of course not. It's illegal to strike below the belt.
storyteller doll

Library Thing

I have starting cataloging my books within Library Thing. Mostly that's positive, but there are a few annoyances. It doesn't handle multiple authors perfectly in the list view, though you can fix things somewhat in an individual listing. The sources it uses are fairly good, especially since they added an Israeli one. (I could have used a Russian source, too, but you can add things manually.) Some of the sources are inconsistent in how they list things, so you can get authors out of order because they didn't do the last name, first name style. I've also had to manually fix a few titles.

But it is addictive to see who else has the same books you have and amusing to discover which ones are popular and which few (if any) other users have.