December 12th, 2007

storyteller doll

Washington realization

One frustrating thing about riding the metro is that it's fairly unpredictable how far apart trains will be. This is especially true off-peak. It is not uncommon late at night or on the weekend for me to have to wait 18 minutes for the Orange line, only to see that the next Vienna train after that will be only 5 minutes later.

Predictability is also not a key feature of the weather in this area. I was checking the weather forecast this morning and the high temperatures for today through Saturday are predicted to be 62, 40, 50, 31.

Obviously the metro folks also control the weather here.

I am, by the way, particularly bummed about the weekend forecast, which calls for "wintry mix" which translates to slippery disgusting mess. I had intended to do a Volksmarch during the day and drive to Bill's for a story swap in the evening, but both would be majorly unpleasant in "wintry mix."