November 27th, 2007

storyteller doll

Address changing

Not only am I never going to be done unpacking, I will never be done filling out change of address forms. My company is particularly inefficient and I have now filled out their change of address form which goes to HR, a second copy of that for the credit union, and telephoned the payroll folks (since I get my paycheck mailed home, being one of those odd people who works in a field office and rarely goes by my company office). I also emailed both our division secretaries. So, today, I get our division phone list and it still has my old home phone number, meaning yet another email.

At least I have finished unpacking all the bathroom stuff. Which includes enough half-used hotel shampoo bottles to open a museum. Along the way, I found a sample size bubble bath. Which is exactly what I need to cope with all this stuff. And is a good way to procrastinate still further on more shelf paper in the kitchen.

What is truly annoying is that normal household stuff, like paying bills and doing laundry and cooking meals, has to continue while you are still coping with moving.