November 12th, 2007

storyteller doll

More storytelling

We had a get-together Friday night, to plan for Tellabration! The event is this coming Saturday (17 November) at 8 p.m. at the Tyson's-Pimmitt Regional Library in Falls Church (on Leesburg Pike). We had several fits of indecisiveness about what to tell, on pretty much everybody's part except Penelope's. Once we figured out what to tell, arranging the stories proved challenging. Part of the problem was that, in some cases, we heard about the stories without hearing the actual stories. The other problem is that one of the stories I'm doing is "Sam Short's Story," which is a 400+ word tongue twister. It wasn't easy to find somewhere that would work.

Most of the same folks (all but Merrillee) were at the swap at Barbara's yesterday. I told "The Princess Who Turned Into a Flower Pot," giving credit to Leonia, of course. It's still a very weird story. Usually, magic rewards the unselfish, but this piece works exactly the opposite way. It does have a great ending, though.
storyteller doll

Moving sucks even more

I didn't quite get everything moved over on the weekend, partly because I seem to have picked up the cough that half the state of Virginia has. (Someone who was supposed to pick up some magazine files from me called this morning to cancel because of it.) So I rescheduled the cleaners to Wednesday morning. I'm still overwhelmed by how much stuff I own. Back to the slog.
storyteller doll

Testing the Carrying Capacity of a Saturn

I'm not quite done, but I feel reasonably in control with the move. I only have a few more big things - my wooden stool, the metal closet shelf thingie, and this huge straw doll / scarecrow, which I bought at a garage sale when I was a teenager. There's a lot of little stuff, like all the board games and a bunch of kitchen stuff. I am trying to understand where I got so many wine glasses. I thought I had about 4, but it turns out I have two each of 3 designs, plus another 6, plus one I got at a wine and cheese storytelling event. Since I drink wine fairly infrequently, it's rather absurd. I only have 3 glasses that are specifically beer glasses (2 are souvenirs from bars, 1 is from a beers of the world gift I got once) and I drink beer far more often, though, admittedly, usually right from the bottle. I discovered I also still have 2 glass coffee cups, which are all that remains of the 6 a long ago boyfriend gave me. The distinction is that I realized there was no future when he gave them to me and said, "don't get excited, they aren't crystal." Hint: do not deprecate your gifts if you don't want them to become part of the EX-boyfriend collection.

Did I happen to mention that moving sucks?