fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Cabin Fever

Today was the third day off in a row, due to the latest storm, which was apparently given the official name "Snowverkill." This time we only got 11 inches (so far - the forecast say there is another wave of just a couple more inches due to hit over the next few hours). But it was windy enough to become an official blizzard. The season snowfall record for the Washington area, set in 1898-1899, has officially been broken. Unless the metro can get up and running, I suspect we'll have another snow day tomorrow.

The thing I forgot to buy when I went out yesterday was a cell phone top-up card. I had a work-related call that used up the rest of my minutes. In general, I still think pay as you go is the way to deal with a cell phone, but it's still annoying when I run out.

Fortunately, the power stayed on here. I ground extra coffee so that my most basic need could be met if the power went out. My internet connection was a bit flaky this afternoon, but seems to be working fine again. My land line phone still exhibits weird behavior. For example, I'll dial a number like 1-800-555-1212 and get one of: a) a busy signal, b) a message that the call can't be completed as dialed or c) a message like "the number you have called, 1-234-567-8901, is not in service." It takes an average of 6 attempts to make an outgoing call from the phone in my study. I don't think I've succeeded yet from the kitchen phone. (I've had this problem periodically since I got FIOS, but it's been worse lately. I am reasonably sure it is not the physical phones, since they are not cheapie little ones and they worked fine when I had analog phone service.)

The 10 day forecast now has snow showers for Monday. That's probably good news for my theatre tickets for Sunday afternoon. My biggest worry is the 19th, when I'm scheduled to go on vacation. The long term forecast is currently showing "few snow showers." Which is what the long range forecast showed for last Friday, leading me to plan a trip to New York that I canceled when Snowmageddon became apparent. (Amtrak is, at least, easy to cancel and by canceling on Thursday I didn't get hit up for the hotel. I had a ticket to see "A Little Night Music" and offered it up to various New York folks. Fortunately, kymmz was able to go so it didn't go to waste. Angela Lansbury shouldn't think she can't fill the house.) Canceling my vacation is not, however, an option. I suspect that if things look like they'll be getting bad, there will be a travel waiver and I'll fly to Seattle earlier.

No Bollywood dance class tonight either, so I don't even get that physical release.

Please, tell me this weather is going to come to an end.
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