fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

On the Plus Side

We're off work again, due to the continued dig out. We're supposed to get another 10-20 inches this afternoon into tomorrow, so I would not be surprised if we are off tomorrow and Thursday as well. I braved the roads to go to the supermarket this morning. In the process of doing that, I discovered that I'd actually been fortunate with respect to the wind direction of the weekend's storm. Our garage is open and snow does blow in. This time, however, it blew in on the other side of the garage, where people had a lot more snow to clean off their cars. (Still nothing compared to uncovered parking, of course. There is a reason why covered parking was one of the criteria I gave the realtor when I was looking for a place.)

The roads were tolerable. The street behind my complex would be in good shape if it were a one way street, which it isn't. But it has little enough traffic that not having both lines fully cleared is a minor issue. The street in front of the complex (which runs past the metro) was in very good shape, but it was challenging to turn onto it because the snow piles at the curbs completely block the view of it. (The street behind the complex is U-shaped, so it intersects with the street in front.) The main road that leads to was in reasonably good shape, also. But the extension of it that goes to the shopping center was fairly icy and I saw a car in the opposite lane get stuck. The shopping center folks had done a pretty poor job, also, and it was an icy mess walking from a parking spot to the supermarket. Come on, Safeway, get out the salt.

Things had been somewhat picked over, but it was odd what was and wasn't available. No cilantro left, for example, but there was plenty of parsley. I got the last 3-packet strip of yeast, since I've persuaded myself that I will bake bread if I'm still snow bound. Overall, I managed to pick up pretty much what I needed (salad greens, oranges, chocolate). There was a longish line to check out, but I still managed to get to the store, shop, and get home in just about an hour.

Now I can get back to doing a few household chores. I had an essential (and reasonably productive) work related phone conversation after a few days of telephone tag with the other person involved. I've also made progress on some volunteer work I'm doing. I should be able to finish the last couple of begging letter emails I need to write this afternoon and make it through another inch or two of the box of shame. (That's where I dump mail I intend to look at that has no particular urgency.) I wish I could do my taxes, but I'm still waiting for one 1099, which they said they'll send in mid-February.

There are still plenty of books around and plenty of yarn to play with and puzzles to solve, so I'm really not lacking for things to do. In fact, this makes me look forward to what life in retirement could be like.
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