fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Point of Snow Return

Tuesday night's storm was about 5 inches out my way and no real hassle at all. Well, one hassle. The traffic light for the street between my complex and the metro is one of those where you have to push a button to get a walk light. If you don't, the light changes when you're halfway across and you have to wait at the median. On the metro side of the street, it's not a problem, but on the condo side of the street, the pole is on a little island after the right turn lane. Nobody does anything to remove snow from that little island, so you can't get to the button and you end up having it take twice as long to cross the street. That adds an entire minute to my walk to the metro.

But they are predicting Snowmageddon starting some time tomorrow. The estimates are now up to the 2 foot range. I had planned to go up to NY to see A Little Night Music but decided that the risk of not being able to get home from Union Station was too high. (The metro closes above ground stations if there is over 8 inches. I could, theoretically, get a cab from Ballston but that would be time consuming and expensive.) I had to decide this afternoon since I had to cancel the hotel by 4 p.m. today. Amtrak is also easy to cancel. I've given away the theatre ticket on the grounds that, while I can afford to eat the cost, why should it go to waste?

I will be hugely angry if the weather misses us.

By the way, the predictions got people panicked surprisingly early. I went grocery shopping last night, on the grounds that it is convenient to go after Bollywood dance since I'm already in the car and all. The lines were about three times longer than normal for that time of night.

So I am well stocked with food. I have a good supply of books and of yarn, too. I may hate the very idea, but I'm ready for whatever we get hit with.
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