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The Usual Whirl

I've been busy with things that are mostly not worth writing about (e.g. work) which is why I haven't been writing. But I do have a few things to mention.

Louis Auchincloss had the misfortune to die last week, just a day or so before a better known author. I only read one book of his (Diary of a Yuppie) and thought it reasonably entertaining. As for J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye is a book I've read at least a dozen times. The only book I've read more often is Alice in Wonderland. But it's been quite some time since I read Catcher in the Rye and I'm somewhat hesitant to reread it now, out of the fear that it might not be as good as I remember it being. (This goes back to Dorothy L. Sayers, about half of whose novels I found disappointing to reread. I am pleased to say, however, that my recent rereading of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe novels has been most satisfactory.)

I got away for the weekend and flew down to Florida, where I did a volksmarch associated with the Dade City Kumquat Festival. The weather was threatening, but I finished the 10K walk well before the rain came. The route was a pleasant mix of suburban residential areas, the heart of the festival, historic districts, and a rail trail. After finishing, I walked back over to the festival and browsed craft stalls, ate lunch (including trying some kumquat pie) and looked at the quilt show. When the rain hit, I went to watch the dance groups perform at the Armory for a while, but this wasn't very satisfying as the lack of a raised stage meant that visibility was poor. The rain was annoying, but a lot better than the snow they got at home.

I took advantage of being in the general vicinity to do another volksmarch on Sunday morning. This one was in the town of San Antonio and covered that town (not much of a place) and the adjoining village of St. Leo, which has an abbey and university that made for a quiet and peaceful stroll.

By the way, I got upgraded on both flights. I normally wouldn't have bothered on 2 hour or so flights, but I'm trying to use up my e500s before United's unlimited domestic upgrades kick in. And I got to use the new Aerotrain at Dulles to go from terminal C to the main terminal on my return. (My flight down to Tampa was out of terminal D, so still used a moon buggy.)

Those 2 walks plus the one I did in Manassas a couple of weeks ago put me 3 walks closer to finishing the Cemetery Stroll program. I also did well on one of my other annual goals by going to 3 Bollywood dance classes and one zumba class in January. So at least I've made some progress on my physical goals, even if I've done damn little on my other goals for the year.
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