fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

End of Holidailies

Today is the last day of Holidailies, the annual holiday season challenge to post an entry every day. I didn't quite do that, but by a few days of double posting I did reach the 31 entry mark. Expect less frequent ranting for a bit. (Not necessarily much less frequent as I have a lot of things going on.)

I spent most of today confused about what day it was. I was rushing / panicky about finishing one task, thinking it was due today at noon. I'd actually finished my part but had volunteered to coordinate all our group's inputs and, as of 11:30, had gotten just one person's. (And that completely ignored the instructions, which is another matter.) So I walked down the hall to ask someone else who I knew had inputs. She pointed out to me that it was due on the 7th, which is tomorrow, so she had plenty of time.

Now, I had the due date in big letters on my whiteboard. I have a calendar on my wall and another one on my desk. I had my planner open, with the date right in front of me. Somehow, I still could not convince myself this was not due today until someone else pointed it out to me. (I also thought that a meeting which was today was yesterday. I didn't really intend to go to it, but I felt slightly guilty about having missed it when it wasn't for another hour or so.)

I seem perfectly capable of telling time. I just can't read a calendar.

At least I did realize it was Wednesday, which was important as Bollywood dance class started up again today. My teacher explained one part of a song as "he's singing about love being a hit. So you're going to be doing these punching moves. I think you're boxing for love."
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