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Things I Need Solutions To

1) I didn't mention this in yesterday's entry, but I also failed with the anti-inflammatory diet plan. That was largely because it was too complicated to deal with when traveling. I need to find a way to still eat healthily and be away from home as much as I am.

2) For the past umpty ump years, I've been using a canvas briefcase. I've gone through three of them, actually. The ones I use are good in that they have a handy outside pocket for my Metro Smart Trip card, another outside pocket that's perfect for an umbrella (and my ice cleats in the winter), and are big enough for me to fit a pocketbook inside, as well as the various other things I carry on a day to day basis (e.g. my planner and a book to read). But my current one is getting frayed and has been unsatisfactory for a while because it weighs too much. I want to find something that will not stress my shoulder if I want to walk part of the way home, but will still provide me with an easy way to carry everything. A backpack would work from the carrying space perspective, but I need one that is respectable enough in a business environment.

3) While I'm not adding to it, I did have some decent enough writing on Areas of Unrest that I'd like to keep part of it (especially the life list related stuff) on-line. But I am not sure it is worth renewing the domain name later this year. I also have Xenophilia, which I really do plan to keep using and might even catch up on some soon. And I want to create a website for my storytelling. How to most effectively consolidate all of this (from the standpoint of good value in web hosting, for example) is a significant goal for this year.

4) Since I used the last of the Polaroid 500 film (which hasn't been made in a few years), there is no real point in having the Olympus Camedia, which is a digital camera with built-in polaroid printer. There are smaller, lighter, higher resolution digital cameras out there. I want one of them to become mine.

That's enough stuff to work on. Any suggestions for solutions to any of these are, of course, welcome.
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