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Because of seeing Showboat the other day, the song "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" is stuck in my head. Only it isn't stuck in my head with the original lyrics.

Back in high school, my mother conned me into playing rehearsal piano for the sisterhood show at our synagogue. The show was called something like "F.L.I.P. Goes to Mars" where the abbreviation stood for "Fascinating Ladies of Island Park." The plot involved a group of sisterhood women who travel to Mars and find it was colonized by Jewish women, including one who claims one of her ancestors was "the ganzer macher of the great pyramids." The Martian ladies sang a song (to the tune of "Rockabye Your Baby to a Dixie Melody" about hating to clean up the red dust of Mars and came back to Island Park with the sisterhood ladies.

I remember a song (to the tune of "I Get a Kick Out of You") which started off: "I've been to Paris and Rome / I've been to Tel Aviv so many times / I treat it like my second home / But still I'm just aching to roam."

But the song I remember best was to the tune of "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man." The character who sang it (played by my mother's close friend, Marlene) was hesitant to go on the rocket ship not out of fear. No, her issue was that she couldn't find an extension cord long enough for her phone. The words were:

Lox doesn't swim
And pullets don't fly
Take me away from my phone and I'll die
Can't live without that phone of mine.

Some ladies knit
And some do crochet.
I just sit here and gossip all day.
Just love havin' a busy line.

When my man comes home
I am on the phone
If he wants to have something to sup
He'll call me up.

Fires may break out
and floods my wash in
I'll just sit here, a-waggin' my chin
Can't live without that phone of mine.

By the way, I can't remember if they ever actually performed the show. I remember playing the piano for maybe 3 rehearsals and nothing beyond that and the lyrics above.
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