fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Zoo and Cathedral Walk

I took advantage of warmer weather today to do a Volksmarch in Washington, D.C. (It was drizzling, but that doesn't really bother me when walking.) There were a few options, but I decided that the zoo and the National Cathedral was the most appealing.

The zoo has really gone downhill, in my opinion. There is a lot of construction, so perhaps it is temporary, but it felt like nearly a third of it was closed. I did go to see the lions and tigers and pandas (oh, my!). And the cheetahs. I couldn't find the 2nd checkpoint at all since the construction meant there was no apparent way to get to the area where the sea lions, otters, Mexican wolves, and bald eagle allegedly are.

The walk up to the Cathedral was pleasant. I don't think I've ever actually gone into the building before, but I wanted to visit Woodrow Wilson's tomb so I could count this for the cemetery walk program. (My main motivation was using it to finish up the "Walking Europe in the U.S.A." program, since there is a Washington in England. As I've said before, Volksmarching is a great way for compulsive people to get some exercise.) The directions were not very clear so I ended up asking one of the volunteers, who pointed out a lot of features of the tomb I would not have noticed on my own (e.g. the seals of the U.S., New Jersey and Princeton).

I need to get out an walk more, as I definitely felt the uphill sections of the route. I also need new walking shoes.
Tags: volksmarch, walking, washington d.c.

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