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We ended up getting about 20 inches of snow. That's a new record for December in this area and somewhere on the list of top 10 storms here since they started keeping records.

It may take a while to clean up from this, so I'm not sure what the impact on my theatre tickets for this afternoon is. While the beltway and 395 will probably be okay, the local roads are unlikely to get plowed until later. The metro (and bus services) won't be running for a while this morning either. (The metro is open underground only, which does me no good.) Depending on when they open, they could provide an option. But I would not be surprised if Signature Theatre cancels today's show, as they did yesterday's. That would be okay with me, since I didn't get through half the household stuff I intended to yesterday.

I do need the roads to be functional again by Tuesday, since I have a dentist appointment.

By the way, some snow does blow into our garage so it isn't like I completely escape having to clean off the car. It's still a lot better than having to dig things out.
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