fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Plant a Radish

There's a scene at the beginning of the movie Julie and Julia where Julie says something about cooking being reassuring because if you do it right, it always works. The same idea is behind the "Plant a Radish" song from The Fantasticks, which is on my mind because I am seeing Arena Stage's production of it tomorrow night.

On those grounds, I am really glad we have a potluck at work tomorrow. I had a very frustrating and tedious meeting this morning in which it took us about 6 hours to dry run a 2 hour briefing. That was followed by a credit card fraud notice, which means the whole hassle of updating automatic payments and such.

I am making fresh vegetarian spring rolls. I did all the ingredient shopping yesterday. Cook the bean threads. Soften the rice paper. Arrange the bean threads with the cabbage and carrots and herbs (scallions, cilantro) and star fruit and vegetarian chicken on the rice paper and roll up. Cut in half. Mix the sauce. Simple, mechanical, and guaranteed to work.
Tags: cooking, life in general

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