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I Do Actually Do Things Sometimes

In case it wasn't obvious, I did decide to use the plane ticket and go to San Francisco for the weekend. On the flight, I saw two movies. I was deeply disappointed in "500 Days of Summer," which could have been cute and quirky but nothing really happened. I also found the non-chronological structure to be gimmicky.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" was much better and held my interest easily, which is not always easy on airplanes. I was somewhat uncomfortable with his having courted her even when she was a young girl. But, overall, the emotions of the relationships felt real to me. It would have been better watching it in my living room, with a box of tissues at hand as the ending got a bit weepy.

Once I actually got to San Francisco, I did some browsing for something for an upcoming office gift exchange. Then I met up with piefessor for coffee and conversation.

Eventually I headed over to the Hyatt, checked in, and went down to the lobby to meet my brother, who was delayed in traffic. I despise cell phones, but there are times when they're useful. Elliot did make it to the Embaracadero Center eventually and we had pho for dinner before going over to the theatre. 42nd Street Moon, which used the Eureka Theatre on Jackson Street, specializes in rarely performed musicals. In this case, they were doing Cole Porter's Jubilee. The story is a pretty silly one, about the royal family deciding to abandon their roles and follow their dreams, but it provides a framework for some wonderful music. "Begin the Beguine" is the most famous song from this show and also provided the excuse for some very fine choreography. It was definitely worth seeing.

As for Saturday, the weather was pretty dreadful, with torrential rain. That meant doing inside things and I spent some time over at the KPFA Crafts Fair. I did not, alas, see anything I felt I needed to have (either for myself or as a gift). Eventually I decided that my best bet was to see "Up in the Air," a new movie that has been high on my list largely due to the buzz over on Flyer Talk. It was excellent, with George Clooney perfectly cast as the frequent flying businessman who uses his airborne lifestyle to avoid being burdened with relationships. It's billed as a comedy and there are some funny moments, but the story is ultimately a sad one. (I should also note that it bears little resemblance to the novel it is based on.)

I spent Saturday night at an airport hotel and flew back on Sunday. The A320 does not, alas, allow a choice of movies, so I read and napped instead. It was an okay trip, but I would still much rather have spent the weekend with Robert.
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