fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Just Wow!

I'm taking advantage of free internet at the hostal (that is correct Spanish spelling, by the way) for this brief note.

One of my theories is that famous places are famous for a reason. Certainly, catching that classic view of Machu Picchu (which requires climbing a lot of steps at high altitude) fell into that category. But the Nazca Lines were even more of a thrill in some ways. It is incredible to contemplate that these vast drawings in the desert, which are seen most easily from the air, were made by people who couldn't see them the way we can.

I've noted before that one of the reasons I travel has to do with the sense of awe at seeing sites like this. It definitely makes up for the lengthy bus rides and bad mattresses and so on.

Off to Lima today and flying home Sunday night / Monday morning.
Tags: travel

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