fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Not impressed

I was unimpressed by the doctor's office where I got my yellow fever shot today. (Unfortunately, this requires a clinic that is authorized to give the shot and my normal doctor's office is not.) I chose it due to the combination of price and proximity to work. I did not expect the hour and a half waiting time from when my appointment was scheduled for. An hour and a half spent in a waiting room with the noisiest people on the planet, including a woman swinging loudly in Swedish to her screaming children. The actual shot, of course, took about 35 seconds, 30 seconds of which involved taking off my jacket.

The certificate is good for 10 years. By the way, it isn't technically required (though it is recommended) for Peru. I figure it's good to have so I can be prepared for any opportunities that come up to go to the mosquito infested hell-holes that characterize many of my vacations. (Incidentally, risk of malaria is low enough in the parts of Peru that I will be in that the CDC doesn't recommend prophylaxis. So you will not hear about mefloquine dreams for a while.)

I am also unimpressed by the Homewood Suites in downtown Hartford, which is where I ended up for Stitches East because the Marriott was booked up about the day that registration opened and the Hilton didn't have the conference rate available for my entire stay. The room is quite nice (though it is a fake suite - the subject of another rant another time) but the public areas are relatively bleak. On the plus side, my flight was on time and my luggage arrived quickly.

I'm off now to do the homework for my class tomorrow. (I need to crochet a couple of swatches.)
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