fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

7 out of 33 Wishes

I always flip through the various envelopes and magazines of local coupons I get in the mail. A recent Clipper Magazine had a remarkable ad from a psychic who offers to help you realize any 7 wishes you select from a list of 33. For FREE!

I assume this is really a means of harvesting a sucker list. It could be even more dangerous since it asks for date and place of birth. But I wanted to comment on the list of wishes you can choose from on this.

Namely, 6 of them have to do with gambling, e.g. winning a big lottery prize, winning at the casino, win on the horse races. But the others are things that are largely within an individual's control. Do you really need a psychic to help you "get a new car," "make new friends," or "go on a cruise"? So there must be a certain amount of success simply from the psychological boost a believer would get from sending this in.

At one level, I am amused. At another, I am sad that people think they need luck before they can have enough money to buy a house, find true love at last, or travel around the world.
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