fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Testing the Carrying Capacity of a Saturn

I'm not quite done, but I feel reasonably in control with the move. I only have a few more big things - my wooden stool, the metal closet shelf thingie, and this huge straw doll / scarecrow, which I bought at a garage sale when I was a teenager. There's a lot of little stuff, like all the board games and a bunch of kitchen stuff. I am trying to understand where I got so many wine glasses. I thought I had about 4, but it turns out I have two each of 3 designs, plus another 6, plus one I got at a wine and cheese storytelling event. Since I drink wine fairly infrequently, it's rather absurd. I only have 3 glasses that are specifically beer glasses (2 are souvenirs from bars, 1 is from a beers of the world gift I got once) and I drink beer far more often, though, admittedly, usually right from the bottle. I discovered I also still have 2 glass coffee cups, which are all that remains of the 6 a long ago boyfriend gave me. The distinction is that I realized there was no future when he gave them to me and said, "don't get excited, they aren't crystal." Hint: do not deprecate your gifts if you don't want them to become part of the EX-boyfriend collection.

Did I happen to mention that moving sucks?
Tags: gifts, moving

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