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Omissions and Additions

Things I Left Out:I forgot to mention two things about my trip to New York last weekend:

1) Sonia Sotomayor threw out the ceremonial first pitch, which was actually pretty cool. (I can forgive her being a Yankees fan on the grounds that she grew up in the Bronx and, hence, cannot be expected to know better.) And it is actually a good thing that there was only one ceremonial first pitch, as I have been to too many ball games which had 3 or more.

2) On the way back to Manhattan from the Heart of Darkness, there was a very entertaining street musician on the subway. He was making up songs for specific people on the train. He was, in general, way off base in his comments, but that is part of what made it so funny. How off base? He claimed I look like Martha Stewart.

New Stuff - Health and Fitness Department: I'm about a month into trying this anti-inflammation diet plan. I've lost nearly 10 pounds (which is not particularly relevant, but I won't complain) but, more significantly, some numbers were better at my doctor's appointment last week. Whether it will help with fall allergy season is still an open question.

I've also now gone to three different dance classes. (The studio has 15 different classes you can use your pass for, which makes for the flexibility somebody with my crazy schedule needs.) I liked the music best for the Afro Latin Belly Dance Fusion class, but the teacher was hard to follow and the class is a bit too late at night. So I think I will stick to the Bollywood and Zumba classes. I tried the latter today and, aside from not having realized it was even physically possible to produce so much sweat, liked it.

None of this, alas, will do anything about the stress fracture in one of my back teeth which needs a crown. I couldn't get an appointment until December which is, I suppose, the price one pays for having a good dentist.

New Stuff - Political Department: We have a gubernatorial election in Virginia in just about a month. I realize that Bob McDonnell is a neanderthal whose values are pretty much antithetical to mine. But I really wich Creigh Deeds would actually say something about what he intends to do.

On another political note, it seems to me that the hoopla over Obama and the Olympics is a can't win situation. I'm under the impression that he went to Copenhagen because everybody was clamoring over how vital it was that he go. (The leaders of all the other competing countries were already committed to going before he was.) That does not, however, seem to make it a personal defeat that Chicago lost out to Rio. Frankly, as soon as I saw the list of potential host cities, I was sure it would be Rio. The IOC has been wanting things to look more international and having a host city in South America fits in well with that. Cape Town in 2020?

New Stuff - Travel Department: I have almost figured out what I want to do with respect to my trip to Peru next month, but am frustrated by not having quite enough time to do everything. Having to make choices is, at least, a good problem to have.
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