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Amazing Race - New Season opener

The latest season of The Amazing Race started Sunday night. I watched it on-line after Yom Kippur and have a few things to say.

I have mixed feelings about the early elimination challenge. I thought the license plate task was actually a good one to give the teams, but it kind of sucks to not even get to go to the first destination. And, based on Elimination Station, it looks like the losers of that one didn't even get to go to Sequesterville in Vietnam. On the other hand, Team Yoga had a lot of potential to be annoying and I'm happy to see them gone. Speaking of annoying, the poker girls lying about what they do has already made me hate them. However, I would kind of like to see them stay around because they're fun to hate.

I thought the Sushi Roulette was great. I found it interesting that all of the mixed sex teams had the man do it, especially since I have a much better chance of getting down a wasabi bomb than most of the men I know. I'm also surprised that only two teams lost any members of their tour group (and one found the missing person right away).

And, later, on duck herding! Any Amazing Race challenge involving animals is comedy gold and this was no exception.

As for who I'll root for, I like Justin and Zev (the guy with Aspberger's), Matt and Gary (father and son farmers), Marcy and Ron (the obligatory token old folks), and the Harlem Globetrooters (though I'm not really that keen on celebrities competing in things like this). I was glad to see Garrett and Jessica go because he just wasn't very nice to her during the duck herding.

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