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Gotta Dance

I have a surprisingly long history of dance classes. I took ballet for 6 years when I was in elementary school, more because it was something everyone did than out of any real desire to. (In the long run, this was good for me. Those of you who have heard me tell my somewhat fictionalized version, "Thank You, Miss Tammy" will already know that it gave me part of the impetus to stop doing things just because I was supposed to.)

In high school, I joined the modern dance club for a while. I remember surprisingly little of that, except something sort of acting-class like in which we had to pretend to be snowflakes falling to the ground. I'm not even sure I remember that or if iI might have dreamed it. I also took dance as part of my p.e. requirement and vaguely remember doing dances like the bus stop and the hustle.

There was also Israeli dancing at summer camp. I got seriously into Israeli dance and other folk dancing in college and often spent 2-3 nights a week at it. I took various other dance classes during those years too - mostly jazz, but one ballroom dance class and even a pantomime class. I kept up Israeli dancing in grad school, even going off to dance retreats now and then. I also took jazz dance off and on then and, for a while, I went to jazzercise fairly regularly.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I kept up with Israeli dancing for a while, going to UCLA Hillel and /or Cafe Danssa. I know I spent at least one birthday in my early 30's at an Israeli dance weekend. And I took a modern dance class for a while.

And then I stopped dancing. I mean, I danced socially from time to time, but less and less often. I suspect part of the problem was the difficulty in committing to classes with all the business travel I was doing. I got involved with other things (storytelling, for one) and, somehow, dancing slipped by the way side. Until tonight.

I'd been thinking about my need to get more exercise and looking at the course catalog from the local parks authority. I noticed that their dance classes are at a studio that is quite near where I live. Unfortunately, my schedule still makes it hard for me to commit to a weekly class. But the existence of this studio (which I have walked past many times without noticing) got me to look a bit harder for what was out there. I found
the dance fitness program at Born 2 Dance Studio, which is also fairly near home. There's no actual commitment, and there's a wide enough range of classes at different times to work with my busy schedule. It seemed at least worth a try.

So tonight I went over and signed up for a 10 class package (which gives you a discount over single classes). The class I went to tonight was their Bollywood Dance Workout. I can't say I'm exactly ready for a starring role in a Bollywood movie, but it was a lot of fun. As for the workout aspect, let's just say that we were all dripping with sweat at the end. I will definitely come back to this class when I can make it. I also want to check out the Afro Latin Belly Dance Fusion class and Zumba.
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