fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

In Other News

1) The facebook glitch for the Voices in the Glen website fixed itself later in the day. I still think their help pages suck.

2) At least the Source of All Evil in the Universe didn't sweep the Red Sox. But I still had to put up with my Yankee fan colleague gloating today.

3) I read a news story last week about an effort by a Conservative rabbi to overturn the law in Georgia which requires kosher products to be certified by an Orthodox rabbi. I agree with that this is an unconstitutional mingling of government and religion. The appropriate approach would be to require disclosure of "who says so" in labeling a product as kosher. (Presumably the same would apply for halal food.)

4) I was fascinated by a detail in the recent case of the murdered model whose body turned up in Southern California. She could not be identified by fingerprints since her hands were cut off or by dental records, since her teeth were extracted. Apparently, she was identified by the serial numbers of her breast implants.

5) I am absurdly busy at work this week. Mondays are always hectic since I'm preparing the weekly summary for our senior leaders. Today I also had two meetings to go to, both of which were productive, but still took up time. I've got all day meetings the next three days and a half day on Friday. I'm not sure how I will get any actual work done at all.
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