fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

I'm Annoyed at Facebook

It seems to be buggier lately, for one thing.

But my real annoyance has to do with the uselessness of their help pages and the inability to actually find out how to contact anybody who actually administers things.

The problem is that I created a facebook group for Voices in the Glen, our local storytelling guild. It's not a huge group since: 1) we're not a huge group and 2) a lot of our members aren't on facebook. But it was a way of advertising events to a slightly broader audience and it even drew in a few people who weren't already coming to story swaps (which was the the hope when I created it).

So I go to look at / update it tonight. And it tells me that: 1) there are no admins and 2) there are no members.
And when I click on the "add admin" it tells me the group is unavailable. But it does let me go and edit the group description.

Tags: internet, kvetching

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