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reducing inflammation

In one of my periodic attempts to improve my diet, I've been reading about inflammation factors. Some of the information is surprising, e.g. that farmed salmon is inflammatory, while wild salmon is anti-inflammatory, allegedly because of what the salmon eat under different conditions. (I avoid farmed salmon ever since I was near a salmon farm in Chile - the smell was revolting, at best.)

What with the new year starting (that is, my birthday is just a few weeks away), I'm doing some experimenting with this approach. The only specific thing I've done so far is buy a bottle of cod liver oil caplets. But I suspect that I will be blogging about this fairly regularly. Reading about what people eat is fairly dull (other than the food pornography version, of course - and it is, by the way, excellent news that all sorts of spices are so anti-inflammatory that they can cancel out a lot of the ill effects of what you put them on). So I've created a custom friends group for the subject.

If you are interested in this, leave me a comment and I'll add you to that group. Otherwise, you won't hear much about this experiment (which will officially start 1 September, creating the interesting challenge of trying to make change while doing things like going to my mother's.)
Tags: health

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