fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Catch-up Time

I have completely failed to make progress on my to-do list all week, partly because of spending two days at a particularly tedious summit meeting. Since I needed to drive to the meeting, I missed my usual quality reading time on the metro and had to spend the evenings at home figuring out whodunit, instead of doing housework.

I did get out for lunch with a couple of colleagues on Friday, which made me feel vaguely guilty for mostly liking my job while they are so dissatisfied. (These are two people who work for my company but supporting a different customer, so we're in very different environments.) We went to Cafe Assorti (between Rosslyn and Courthouse), which is owned by Kazakhs, though the menu is a bit more diverse. The vegetarian manti (dumplings filled with cabbage and carrots) were pretty good, but the accompanying tomato-based sauce was a bit bland. Still, I'm always glad to try somewhere new.

And I went out today to see a movie. Adam had an appealing trailer and the idea of a romance involving a young man with Aspberger's syndrome and neurotypical woman seemed promising. It was well-acted and Hugh Dancy makes nice eye candy. But, overall, it was disappointing. The subplot involving the woman's parents was not meshed well into the main story. And there was less humor than I'd expected.
Tags: food pornography, life in general, movies

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