fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Famous Last Words

I thought I had a completely unscheduled weekend. In fact, I told a few people on Friday that I not only had nothing on my calendar, but I didn't even have any invitations I was considering. Should you ever hear me say something like that again, ask me if I've read all my mail. Or just shoot me, as recovery from a gunshot wound would probably be less exhausting than this weekend was.

One thing I'd forgotten was that I hadn't read the storytelling calendar, so it wasn't until early yesterday morning that I realized there was a swap last night. I'm glad I did see the item and go, as it was a particularly good one. There were about 20 people (and one cat), including four of Jane's students, all of whom told familiar folk tales. The highlight for me was Justin telling a story his brother, Jules, had written. I hadn't planned to tell anything, but "Two Foolish Old People" fit in well at one point (and got a good reception).

I also did a lot of errand running. Despite which, my house is still a mess. At least I had time for a long nap this afternoon.
Tags: storytelling

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