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Recipes of the Month

I actually ended up trying two new recipes as part of tonight's dinner.

The Bahamian mahi mahi was marinated in a mixture of rum and lime juice with thinly sliced onion. The recipe called for marinating it 2-4 hours, but it ended up being almost 24 hours because I hadn't read that far when I started preparing this last night. After marinating, the fish was sprinkled with oregano and black pepper and dotted with butter. There was also a lemon slice on top. (Most of the marinade was drained off.) This was baked covered at 350 degrees. The recipe suggseted 20 minutes, but I checked after 15 and it was done. The rum flavor was too strong for the fish, possibly because of the marinating time. (Or possibly because I used Meyer's rum, instead of some flavorless junk.) It was okay, but I've preferred other things I've done with mahi mahi.

I also made gingered cole slaw. Marcia had posted a recipe on a mailing list recently for a ginger vinaigrette - olive oil, rice vinegar, sugar, grated ginger, salt and pepper. I omitted the salt and used a packet of splenda. Marcia had thought it was too pungent with 1 T. of ginger (for a half cup of dressing), but I found that not enough for my tastes and ended up doubling it. Of course, ginger varies in potency, so it is best to be cautious and add more if you need it. Anyway, this got mixed with shredded green cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots. It was simple and delicious - very light and fresh in flavor.

There was also corn on the cob. And an amazingly juicy shiro plum from the farmer's market for dessert.
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