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Comment on Sunday puzzle

The Washington Post runs Merl Reagle's Sunday crossword. For a number of reasons, I solve the puzzle on paper, like G-d and nature intended. After something which bugged me, I looked at the on-line version and noticed it was not quite the same as the paper one.

In both versions, the clue for 44 across is "see 131 across."

In the paper version, the clue for 131 across is "Melodious Mel" and the answer is "Torme." But the answer for 44 across is "Mel."

Having the answer be part of the clue struck me as sloppy at best, so I checked. And the clue was "Born to be Blue" penner.

I'm not sure when the screw-up happened.

By the way, it also annoys me that the Post's link for their crosswords takes you to their Sudoku page by default.
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