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I have an entirely unscheduled weekend (for the first time this year!), which means no need to set the alarm clock tomorrow. That lack of pressure let me take advantage of being in a movie going mood after work. I headed over the E Street Cinema to see $9.99, a very odd Israeli-Australian animated film. The plot involves the interconnected lives of several residents of an apartment building in an Australian city. (Presumably, it is set in Sydney, but that was never stated.) One of them buys a book which claims it will reveal the meaning of life. (The title of the movie comes from the price of the book.) I don't think I can say more than that about the plot without major spoilers. But the stories are weird and intriguing and I really enjoyed seeing this. It's slice of life humor, not laugh out loud funny material. I was also impressed by the detail of the stop motion animation.

This is definitely not mainstream material, but it made me want to look for more of Etgar Keret's work. (The film is based on a number of his short stories and Keret also wrote the screenplay.)
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