fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Something Puzzling

I pick up puzzle books when I plan to travel. One of my favorite types of puzzles is kakuro (aka cross sums) and I will buy a kakuro book when I see one since they're not nearly as common as some other sorts of puzzle books.

One which I got not very long ago was compiled by Michael Mephram. Maybe it is just me, but the labeled difficulties for the puzzles in this book bear little to no resemblance to their actual difficulties. It's annoying enough when the labels use silly words ("gentle," "moderate," "tough," and "diabolical") vs. the more normal "easy" to "very hard" labels. But the only thing harder about the "diabolical" ones is reading the font on them.

I suspect I will be taking crosswords to Kiribati instead.
Tags: kvetching, puzzles

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