fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Fun and Games

I considered going to a concert by a Brazilian samba band tonight, but I hadn't been to game night in a while and I was in the mood to play. It was a good decision, as I had a lot of fun.

I started out playing Coloretto. It was a good, quick filler game and worth playing. I have a minor quibble with the design, as the pink and orange were slightly hard to distinguish in the lighting at Teaism.

Michael had to leave early, so we needed another filler game and settled on Eco Fluxx. It was fun, but I think other variants of Fluxx are more fun. After Michael left, I played Scrabble with Ben and Ben. I was doing fine up until the point where I the only consonant I had was "F." Fie, I say! (Or I would have, had I had a place to put it.) I finished in the middle.

Finally, Ben and Karen and I played Stone Age. It took me a little longer than it should have to catch on, but it was a fun game and I would be happy to play it again (even though I lost miserably).

Somewhere in there, I also ate a Vietnamese wrap and drank beer. I'd have gotten a ginger margarita, but they were out of tequila. All in all, a good evening.
Tags: board games

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