fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

The World Has Gone Mad

I am slowly making my way through the mail that accumulated during my vacation. I decided that I would try not to just stash the junk mail in the Box of Shame. Instead, I am actually looking through things like mail order catalogues relatively promptly.

Which means that I am, once again, puzzled by the existence of various products. The source of my greatest puzzlement at the moment is Smith & Hawken. This is a company that sells what are, nominally, garden products. In practice, that means they mostly sell metal trellises and wooden outdoor furniture sets. I think they used to sell some practical odds and ends like plastic clogs, but there is no sign of that in this catalogue.

I can't comprehend what sort of person would buy a $6000 gas grill. No, wait, I can. I imagine that, were he still alive, my father might well go for such a thing, given the competitive barbecuing that the Weber oven inspired in him. Male gadget syndrome can be a serious condition.

But what on earth would make anybody buy an outdoor television? If you are outdoors, watch the bloody outdoors.
Tags: product mockery

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