fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Proof I Am Old

1) I went shopping after work. I need new shoes. What I was hoping to find was a simple pair of black slingback pumps. Apparently, I need to go shopping via time machine. (I did try on a few pairs of other shoes without success. I am. alas, too practical to try on purple silk shoes or leopard print pumps, no matter how lovely they may be. Steve Madden makes shoes I think are attractive but they don't fit my feet.)

2) In other shopping news, I did see a jacket I liked. However, I did not like it $600 worth. This whole fiscal responsibility thing may be coming back into fashion, I hear. I also saw an absolutely gorgeous formal dress and didn't even try it on since I can't think of any occasion I would have to wear it for which I couldn't wear any of the other formal dresses I own.

In my youth, I did better at manufacturing occasions.

3) I am offended by people cursing loudly on public transit. The words don't bother me personally, but one really ought not to cuss in public places.
Tags: aging, fashion, language, life in general

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