fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Metro Haiku in the Heat

I was already grumpy for reasons I will write about in a separate friends-locked entry.

Then came the little matter of getting home. But, hey, there is always haiku to alleviate the pain (or, at least, spread it around). Hmmm, maybe Metro wanted me to celebrate National Poetry Month!

From Crystal City
to Rosslyn, I was on a
train with no A/C.

Then I waited for
over twenty minutes for
my Orange Line train.

No times on display?
An inevitable sign
of a long delay.

It is not as if
driving down Route 50 would
be any better.

Train malfunction at
Farragut West was to blame
for my misery.

The fundamental
problem is having just one
track per direction.
Tags: haiku, metro

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