fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

That Calendar Thing

I really thought April was going to be a light month. Instead, I've been in my usual swirl of travel, theatre going, and so on.

May is always a challenge and I suppose it's a good thing that I made a commitment early for this coming weekend. I'll be down in Hampton at a book binding retreat on Friday and Saturday, then going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday morning. (The latter is a cross between a county fair and the world's largest yarn shop and is one of the major stash accrual events of the year for local fiber fiends.)

But that means that I will be missing this year's embassy open house on Saturday. I am missing food sampling at the Malaysian and Thai and Bahraini embassies and coffee tastings at the various Central American embassies and music and dance and rum punch and so on. And the Saudi embassy, which is one of the most tightly guarded places in D.C. is part of the open house this year.

I am, technically, in town for the EU open house the next weekend, but I have theatre tickets. Which would be fine if they were for something in the city, but they're for Signature Theatre in Shirlington.

This whole inability to be in multiple places at once is going to kill me.
Tags: life in general

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