fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Moving Parts

One of the signs of creeping middle age is that the moving parts don't always move so well. Every few years one of my shoulders decides to remind me it is wearing out. Usually, I don't know what triggered it. (According to my doctor, it can be something as simple as sleeping in an awkward position.) This time, I am reasonably sure I can blame the vacuum cleaner.

I always knew there was a good reason not to do housework.

I suspect it is a good thing that I now know how to keep this to a day or two of agony, instead of a full week. The trick is taking good anti-inflammatory painkillers (Advil is a good choice for over the counter drugs) and using a heating pad right away. I spent the morning at home doing so and it helped, though I expect to need to keep up Advil for a couple of more days.

Hmmm, I could have sworn my rotator cuffs had a warranty longer than 50 years.
Tags: health

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