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Need a Title

I am trying to come up with a title for my set at the Washington Folk Festival (on May 31) and not feeling very inspired. The previous times I've performed there, I did "Fortune, Fools and Fowl" (in which many chickens made appearances, sometimes live and sometimes in sandwiches) and "Beastly Babble" (stories of talking animals and people who should have listened). I've also done the mini-fest a few times and the two shows I remember doing there are "Wise Women and Gutsy Girls" (self-explanatory) and "Rhyme and Reason" (which included a lengthy piece in verse, a pourquois story, and some stuff with neither rhyme nor reason).

I had intended to recycle the "Wise Women and Gutsy Girls" theme. But, I really want to tell "The Man Who Was Used as a Ball," a Fijian story about demons who do just that to a man who gets himself left behind on a deserted island because he was chasing women instead of doing his work. The other story I particularly want to tell is a Mongolian one involving a woman who captures a rat and persuades her husband it is their child. So I started thinking about other themes.

I have lots of material which has things that are hidden and/or revealed in it, so that seems like a good general theme. (The Fijian story has various attempts to hide from the demons, for example.) Anybody got any ideas for a good catchy sound bite to use for a set title?
Tags: storytelling

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