fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quick catch-up

I'm not sure how I can fall so far behind by going away for just a few days. I made a quick trip to north central California, during which I did Volksmarch events in Sacramento (state capital) and Zamora (which starts with a Z, finishing the "Walk the U.S.A. from A to Z" program). The former had an interesting mix of urban residential and civic areas, while the latter mostly involved walking past almond orchards. (At least, I assumed those are all almond trees up there.) Urban walking is slower, but both environments provide their own pleasures.

I also saw three movies - Frost/Nixon and Marley and Me on airplanes and Sunshine Cleaning in a theatre. Frost/Nixon was the best of the lot, but still not brilliant. Marley and Me was a predictable tear-jerker, with Owen Wilson doing an especially good job. Sunshine Cleaning was a disappointment as the quirkiness just didn't ever get pulled together, despite an excellent performance by Amy Adams.

By the way, I managed to get upgraded one way (not enough E500s for both directions) which is nice, though a bit of a waste on an A319 which lacks a choice of movies. And with Pesach, it's not like getting a meal was a huge advantage. (I did eat the salad.)

I'm sure there were all sorts of other things I intended to write about, but unpacking, laundry, and other chores await.
Tags: movies, travel, volksmarch

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