fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

My Upcoming Storytelling Show (Shameless Self-Promotion)

L’Dor Va Dor: Preserving our Traditions
from Generation to Generation
Through Storytelling at Agudas Achim Congregation
2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302

Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10:00-11:30 am
From Chelm to New York
Learn why you can't get a bagel in Chelm and what happened to all the borscht a public television station auctioned off, as Miriam Nadel'sstories take you into Jewish worlds, old and new. Miriam has told her stories at venues ranging from the Jewish Folk Arts Festival to a Hollywood art gallery. In addition to being a storyteller, she is a traveler, craftswoman, blogger and, by day, a grown-up aerospace engineer. All of the stories she tells are true, whether or not they happened that way.
Tags: judaism, storytelling

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