fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Art Supplies

I printed out supply lists for the book binding classes I'm taking at an art retreat in early May, mostly because I needed a mental break between meetings. Most of what I need, I already have, though I may have to do some digging to figure out where my cutting mat, awl and bone folders are. (I should probably explain that a bone folder is made of bone and used to smooth folds in paper. It is not capable of folding bones.) I am assuming that "small cutting matte" is a typo.

But I am really looking forward to going over to my local art supply store and buying "liquid nails in tube (clear)." "fluid chalk inks," and a "crop-a-dile." I could, of course, google any of these to find out what they are, but I have a real art supply store close by and the clerks there actually seem to like being helpful.

I also realized that I could conceivably leave Hampton early enough on Sunday morning to catch part of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
Tags: art, crafts

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