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Shakespeare Theatre

I had an insanely busy day yesterday, running back and forth between Crystal City and the Pentagon, as well as doing the usual Monday summary for our seniors. So I was glad when the last meeting ended late enough that I could feel justified in not going back to Crystal City. I had some time before the Shakespeare Theatre tour I'd signed up for and used it to go through a bit of the National Portrait Gallery. I liked the photo exhibit on the first floor, especially the works by Alec Soth. The exhibit on Lincoln's Inaugural Ball, however, wasn't particularly interesting. The portraits of the Presidents have a few surprises. There's an extremely odd, modernistic one of JFK, for example. And McKinley was a surprisingly good-looking man which, somehow, I'd never have guessed. To prove how shallow I can be, I found myself thinking as much about changes in styles for men's facial hair as much as about executive capability.

Anyway, the Shakespeare Theatre event started out with Michael Kahn's talk. Rather than him giving a lecture, he was interviewed by Trey Graham of The City Paper. Kahn tended to digress from the questions and the result was a very unfocused talk. I did, however, like what he had to say (in response to an audience question) about balancing their repertory.

The tour of the actual theatre was more interesting. The flexibility in how the stage is arranged and the ability to adjust the theatre acoustics are both pretty cool. And the views from the lobby, which stretch to Rosslyn in one direction and Union Station in the other, are impressive.

The reception which followed was pleasant, with good food and some interesting conversation (mostly MIT focused). My tastes in theatre are not quite so high brow, however, for me to expect to spend much time at Sidney Harmon Hall in the future.
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