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The Amazing Race

I haven't really said much about this season of The Amazing Race. At this point, I like most of the teams who are left, though I have reservations about the cheerleaders.

This week's challenges seemed a bit week to me. There was nothing quite as funny as the wheels of cheese or the coffin and stakes. I didn't really quite understand how the bobsled thing worked on getting the letters. But I was amazed at how many people had no clue about Chekhov who's hardly obscure and whose works are regularly produced in American theatres. Now, if they'd had to do something with Cyrllic letters, that might have been a nice challenge. (Of course, I can be snide since I can read Cyrillic as easily as I read the Latin alphabet.)

I thought Margie and Luke did the right thing in u-turning Amanda and Kris. It may be mean, but it makes sense to get rid of people who could be real threats.

I'm also pleased that there hasn't been a clear front runner. It makes it more interesting when different teams end up in first place each week.
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